Day: November 12, 2013

Weekly Photo Challenge – Habit

So this week’s photo challenge is habit.



I am so thrilled that I can use reading as my daily habit.
I have recently gotten back into it.
After graduating and moving out and starting a new job and Danny coming home from deployment it was hard to find time to read and to have the enthusiasm for it that I used to have.
But I am back in the game!

Wood & Edgar Allan Poe Craft

I have had a few pieces of wood laying around – that Annabel dug up in the backyard … somehow somewhere

I tried one craft with a piece and it just didn’t even work out. I’m highly disappointed. But I moved on to this.


This stamp is from Hobby Lobby – I got it around Halloween but I never got to use it.

I love Edgar Allan Poe. I even named Annabel after his poem Annabel Lee.

So I decided to spray paint this piece of wood with a can of spray paint we had in our garage and then I simply added the stamp to it.

The stamp didn’t turn out too good but I think it makes it look antique/old/weathered. So I’ll keep it.

This will be another decoration for our den/family room.
It’s kind of our little library right now so I feel like it’s the perfect room for an E.A.Poe craft.


(it’s hard to see in this photo but it has been added to our mantle)