Day: November 7, 2013

Rereading Books

There are so many books I want to read but some of them I have already read.

It is a legitimate dilemma.
I feel like rereading books may be wasting time I could be spending on another book.
Is this ridiculous?

I always look forward to finding a new book to get into.
To be excited about what happens because I don’t know.

Once I’m not busy over the weekend, the first thing I’m doing is going straight to my library’s book sale.
I cannot wait – but I’m sure I’m going to have to wait weeks. bleh


Avril Lavigne

So on Tuesday Avril Lavigne’s new CD came out.
I was debating if I was even going to listen to the previews on iTUNES.
I used to love her. Her first two albums were wonderful and I’ve seen her multiple times in concert.
(years and years ago)


I was disappointed with her last two CD’s.
They were so poppy and happy and that is just not really my kind of music.
Especially after being used to her earlier music.

Once I looked at the song list on her record I noticed Marilyn Manson was on it.
So I decided to give her another chance.
(plus I had a free iTUNES gift card just lying around)

The album isn’t bad – I can see where she was going with some of the songs.
But of course I only like two or three of them.
(I can’t decide if I like the third one or not)

My favorites are Bad Girl feat. Marilyn Manson & Give You What You Like

Other than that I’m extremely glad it was free.
If you were a fan of her last two albums you will definitely like this one.
But I wanted the darker-punky Avril back.