Day: November 6, 2013

Malleus Maleficarum


Yes, I bought this.
It’s the 1928 translation.
I probably won’t legitimately read it but I am so interested.
I love history.
I’m reading a historical fiction book about the Salem witch trials
and I had to do some of my own research and this is part of it.

I am on a huge reading kick and I love it.


Never Enough Time

I’ve got quite the itch for some garage sales or estate sales. I never thought life would be so busy when all you do is work. I’m used to having to go to school and work and now that school is done I feel like I have even less time on my hands. With Danny working the opposite shift as I am it totally makes it difficult to find time that we can make plans. We’re both itching for some deals and to find cool things for the house – I think he’s only worried about the man cave though. I need more knick knacks and I cannot believe I’m saying that! I need more things to fill up our house. Mostly our shelves and tables that seem purposeless since there is nothing on some of them. This is all coming down to the fact that I need a weekend to do exactly what I want to do. We’re going to the Marine Corps ball this weekend which I’m totally looking forward to but that means time away from hanging out at home – and I love being home. And the weekend after that I have to work (12 days straight total) because we are implementing a new computer system and it is going to be so hectic!

There are not enough hours in a day

Or maybe weekends should be three days instead of two.

Things I Should Have Learned Before Moving Out

How to cook

How to use a gas stove

That it is okay for the furnace to have a flame

That it is cheaper to buy meat from the deli

How much utilities actually cost

That you are supposed to put the car in neutral when going through a car wash

To check for pipes before putting nails in walls

That it is acceptable for a washing machine to drain into the utility sink (just make sure the sink isn’t blocked by anything)

How to do hair – other than up, down and side braid … knowing how to french braid would be nice