DIY Calendar

I’m really big on lists and calendars and planners. I love knowing what’s going on and I absolutely love planning ahead. It’s extremely rare that I come across a calendar I like though, plus it’s purpose is what is important to me. But I decided to make my own calendar for next year.

DSC_1072   DSC_1073

Each month has a page that shows the days and then I used my own photography for the picture.
I tried to choose pictures that went with the month or a special occasion within the month.
(October – pumpkin for fall and Halloween and engagement ring because that is the month we were engaged)


(December – gum drops)


I plan on using these in our kitchen.
I might make more copies to use at work as well.

It was a really fast craft/DIY. The only difficult part was choosing the font and photo.
I printed them on card stock so that they would be easier to hang.


[I cut them down and left space on the left hand side to add all of the special events that happen that month
and I plan on adding them to my Project Life album].



  1. I LOVE this idea. I was actually just thinking this the other day while browsing Barnes and Noble. I also love organizing and planning. I have a small calendar by my desk and then one on my door that has pictures and such. I’ll definitely look into making my own this year! Thanks for the idea 🙂

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