I have such a love/hate relationship with Sundays.
I can’t help but spend the day dreading Monday and the rest of the work week ahead.
But slowly Sundays are becoming good days – as long as I keep the dread at bay.

Recently every Sunday as soon as I get up I throw together a crock pot meal. Which is extremely convenient.
The nice hot meals are great and really make it feel like fall.

Sunday is also football day – watching games and keep up with fantasy.
Along with catching up on any crafts that I’m working on.
Danny and I have started making bets on our fantasy teams.
I lost last weekend and ended up having to buy him a new iPAD case.
I refuse to lose again though!

Annabel usually gets a walk on these days. I can’t get anything done
sometimes because she is just so rowdy!!! So we go on
little adventures around the neighborhood.

Sundays are my regrouping day.
All chores are done and errands are ran on Saturdays as much as possible.
I need my Sunday to be spent at home, to catch up on relaxing and being lazy.
To have a day where my mind is calm and I am stress free.


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