Danny and I are engaged!!! I’m so excited – but I totally knew it was coming.


He doesn’t want to share the story of how I found out he bought me a ring,
but I think it’s funny and I see no problem sharing it.

In the beginning of October when we went to our friends’ wedding and he was the best man,
he got extremely drunk and told me he bought me a ring.


Once I revealed to him that he spilled the beans he was pretty mad.
At first I wished I could take it back and pretend I knew nothing
but I think it’s hilarious and something we’ll look back on
and laugh about forever.

But on October 19th we put an offer in on a second house and
when we got back home he got down on one knee in our cozy little kitchen and asked me to marry him.


Even though I knew it was coming I’m still in shock.

We will be getting married on Halloween of 2015. So I have plenty of time to plan and get all that craziness done.

I’m so excited to take this step with him.




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