Project Life

Let me just start off by saying I love photos!
I love taking them and editing them.
I love printing them and displaying them and sharing them.

So scrapbooking would seem like an ideal craft for me but it was something I could never stick with.
Not to mention it was an expensive hobby (especially since I did it when I was younger).

But now I’ve stumbled across Project Life and I love it!!!


It’s a really simple concept and you can determine how basic/simple or how complex you want it to be.

It comes in the form of photo sheets – like baseball cards.
The sheets are divided into different layouts so you can add your photos to the slots.
The layout I’ve been working on includes 4×6 and 3×4 photos.
Most people that I’ve seen using this do a spread a week.
That was just too much for me.
There was no way I’d have enough time to do all of that plus I’m not taking pictures of events on a weekly basis.
So I threw that idea out the window and I’m basically doing a spread/page for any event or special occasion or just whenever I have enough pictures that I want to add.

I started this album earlier in the year when Danny was deployed.
I wanted us to have a photo album since I had so many pictures of us.

It comes with special cards to make a layout with the first and the last page.
But of course you don’t have to follow any rules.
And it also has cute binders!


I followed the guidelines for it because I liked the layout.

IMG_0923   This is the first page. I love being able to add as much detail as I want. I made this page a sort of introduction page. Those photos of us are the first ones we sent each other over the phone. I added the Marine Corps picture for Danny and the skulls are from my Anthropology lab at school. And this fish is the symbol for Plenty of Fish – the website we met on.

This is the second side of the layout. More pictures of us from the beginning of our relationship. The one of me shooting is from our second date. I added a little note card about what we had been up to that summer and a quote from a song I love.  IMG_0924

IMG_0926     The next layout is more pictures from our first summer together. The slots are nice because you can add things other than pictures that are important to you -> like the $2 bill I have. I also added a mini envelop I made into one of the 3×4 slots.

This page is basically a baseball page. We went to two Cleveland Indians games and I added the tickets to a 4×6 slot. One thing that’s awesome about Project Life is that there are so many different fillers you can buy online or print for free. The “you, me magic” one was free.IMG_0927

IMG_0929  I make a lot of the fillers I use. The 3×4 on the left is my own photography and I added song lyrics to it with a marker. The two polka dot 4×6’s were also made by me with scrapbooking paper and rubber stamps.



^^ This layout is from our trip to Washington DC. I used rubber stamps on a couple of the pictures
and cut scrapbooking 12×12 paper to create the flag look.

IMG_0932                                 IMG_0933

IMG_0934                                 IMG_0935

The layout above is full of picture from when Danny came home to visit during his deployment.
I added my own personal art photography as 4×6 fillers.
I love being able to write little notes on the fillers and talk about what happened during that time.
On the right I added a luggage tag that Danny wrote on and gave to me before he left again.

IMG_0936                           IMG_0937

Our Christmas layout only got one page but it was so nice to have Danny home for the holidays before he went over seas.
The picture on the right is a 4×4 slot that I put some scraps from the blanket I made him in.

IMG_0938    This page was for New Years. The ‘HELLO’ and ‘happy new year’ filler were both free printables online. And I added the glitter filler from 12×12 scrapbook paper.

I made this page to kind of summarize what was going on while Danny was deployed. I added a picture of the flowers he sent me for my birthday and some of the photos he sent me. I also added the little tag that came with the flowers.



^^ I also use 12×12 normal scrapbook page protectors to add larger items.
I wanted to save this since it’s from the first car I bought.


Project Life has different layouts you can choose for the protective pages.
This one is a mini sheet of three 4×4 slots – perfect for Instagram!!!

Annabel also got her own pages.

IMG_0942                 IMG_0943

I cut out the checkered fillers from scrapbook paper and for any 4×6 photo slots that have two pictures I simply created a mini collage and then I could add more photos to a page. The title 4×6/her name was created on card stock on my printer and the paw prints on the papers are from a rubber stamp.


I added another 12×12 sheet with the poem Annabel Lee (where we got her name from).


IMG_0946                 IMG_0947

On the left I added plain scrapbook paper to give it some color and instead of making my photos 3×4 I made them a bit smaller and added the pink card stock behind them. The filler ‘you make me smile’ and the arrow were free printables.

IMG_0949           IMG_0948

Danny and I went to an auction a few months ago and so of course I documented it.
At the auction you have a sheet they give you with your number on it and
it’s also to keep track of what you’ve purchased. I slipped ours into a 12×12 protector and cut it down to fit it better
then added colorful washi tape around the edges to close it back up.
the fillers in this spread were also free printables.

IMG_0950              IMG_0951

I did more splitting for this spread of Danny’s welcome home party. I used my own art photography from the scenery where we were.
I also used stamps and washi tape to decorate the photos.


This page is from when Danny was in the sword detail for his friend’s wedding.
In the hotel rooms they had water bottles with special labels and I took one to add as a 3×4 filler.

IMG_0953 I see a lot of people using Project Life as a type of journal and that’s what I did with this page. It was like a little catching up page.


^^ Added our tickets to a 3×4 slot.

                               IMG_0955            IMG_0956

One nice thing about using a binder is that you can punch holes in basically anything and add it to your book.
Which is what I did on the left with our friends’ wedding invitation.
On the right I used my own stamps and used a 3×4 card for journaling about the day.
I split a 4×6 slot again but separated the two different pictures with washi tape.

And that is that for my Project Life album so far.
I absolutely love it and I really enjoy getting to work on it.

I highly recommend checking it out if you’re into scrapbooking or you’re looking for a new way to save memories.

Project Life was created by Becky Higgins
^^ google her! check out her blog and all the awesome project life stuff!

And I plan on sharing more of my pages once I create them!

[and please forgive my grainy pictures – they’re from my phone]



  1. Love this!!! When you order a “Kit” does it come with the pocket protectors? And do you just keep it in a binder? I have to start doing this, thank you for sharing!

    1. When you get a kit you get the 4×6 and 3×4 fillers and journaling cards. They’re themed and what I have is the Cherry theme and the Midnight theme (there’s more). Then you purchase a package of the pocket protectors and you can choose different layouts and you can get a binder through them but any 12×12 binder would work.

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