Crochet – Half Stitch Blanket

Well it’s not new news that I love to crochet. So when I get a blanket request I am all about it. My sister moved into a new apartment over the summer and she got herself new furniture and she needed a blanket to match. I’ve made her a blanket before-neon colors and granny square. So her request this time was tans or browns with no holes. Meaning no granny square. So I decided to do a half single crochet, if that’s even what the stitch is called. It’s a simple stitch but it doesn’t take up much room so this blanket took forever to make! Eventually I had to plan out how much/how many rows I would do a day. But I’m very pleased with it. I love the color scheme and maybe I’ll make one for myself some day-not that I have a blanket shortage or anything. I would love to have the opportunity to make more blankets, take orders etc. Crocheting is a great hobby. There’s something mind numbing and relaxing about it. It’s so monotonous-not a ton of thinking involved and you can just do it while you’re watching tv or whatever.






  1. I’m working on a half double crochet stitch chevron blanket for my Mom right now and it’s taking friggin’ forever! I feel your pain! Love the colors you’ve picked!

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