days off are great!

… when you’re not sick.

But it’s that time of year-everyone at work has something.
My boss sent me home yesterday because I was so sick and apparently I didn’t look too good either [I was only there for 15 minutes!]. He said I could make up my hours throughout the week but I really don’t want to stay late or anything but there was no way I was making it through work that sick.
With that being said, I need to get better by Friday for our concert so I’ve been all about the Zicam, DayQuil, juice, soup and whatever else I can think of to make me better ASAP. -None of the medicine is even working though.
I would much rather have had to work all day but it’s nice to have an understanding boss.
But now I’m here laying in bed all day surrounded by things I could be doing – like the dishes or taking out trash – and I’m so tempted to get up and do them but I’m fighting it so I can recuperate. (we’ll see how long that lasts).


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