Our Love for Antiques/Old Junk

Danny and I love watching shows about auctions or pickers – fake or not. There’s interesting items and the shows definitely give me decorating and crafting ideas. Danny is also into collecting silver/gold/coins – whatever. He always says how it’s for his future and it’s a part of investing – but I know there’s a little dork in him that loves his coin collection. I’m impressed with how much he knows about everything though.

anyways … 

Once he got home from deployment he wanted to hit up garage sales, swap meets and of course auctions.
So one day he basically grabbed some money-well more than I thought necessary-just so he could go and enter bidding wars. I’m not even sure if he wanted some of the things he ended up buying or if it was just fun for him to experience an auction. It was an all day thing-I even ended up needing to go home to let the dog out.


He had so much fun and filled the whole car up with stuff!
Literally it was packed.


He was able to buy a few things and resell them and make some money.
And I got some stuff out of it too.

He filled up his man cave with items as well.
We’re definitely is going back again.


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