Decorating a Home

I have had so much fun decorating! I feel like I don’t have a specific style though. I just sort of see something I like and find a place for it. Moving in with Danny has also made decorating interesting because we’re bringing together our furniture and trying to make it work. So for now the house is full of mis-matched items and decorations. Many of them don’t go and are super random. Especially with fall and Halloween (my favorite season and holiday) coming up. I want to get my weird Halloween stuff out and my neutral fall stuff but it may not be working too well. This house is so eclectic but it’s truly starting to feel like a home.


This cabinet came from my parents house. They had it for as long as I can remember and there is even part of the child safety pieces still inside the door. Our dining room is small and feels so empty-so even though the wood of the cabinet and the wood of the table do not match, this is what we’re working with for now. I’m quite proud of the camera I have displayed on it-a Kodak from the 1920’s!

My favorite piece in the living room is our television stand. It’s an old retro radio that Danny had before I knew him. (He has good taste sometimes). We both love finding older items to use in our home. Especially Danny. He’s becoming quite the knick knack collector.

The tables in our living room were refurbished by my mom and I.
PicMonkey Collage
With the help of my mom-the tables were painted white and the blue at the bottom was actually wall paper that we spray painted and simply fit to lay down on the small shelf. And now we have a turquoise lamp to go along with them.

The den is slowly becoming my favorite room.
DSC_0006 DSC_0009
Just ignore the puppy cage and our weird couch. All of these books are mine-I have even more. I’m glad I have a place to display them. And one day I’ll have bookshelves the same size. When Danny first got the house the wood paneling behind the fireplace was all over. I hated it, he hated it, and it was way too outdated. So they got torn down and we painted the walls a gray color but in some lighting it looks blue. Either way, we’re happy with it. I’m also so very happy that he gave me free rein of decorating that room and adding my beloved bookshelves.

And so far that is where we’re at. We’re saving our master bedroom for last. Wall paper still needs to come down and the bathroom needs completely redone. But it’ll get there. For now I’m just excited to throw in some of my handmade decorations and my own taste and things I like.

Well, there’s also the “man cave”.
Which is summed up in this picture.


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