I have realized that I really have a thing for pillows. Decorative pillows. The kind you have to take off the couch, the kind you are not allowed to actually use.

Moving for me was quite a slow process and I still have things at my parents house; one of those is my sewing machine. When my great aunt passed away I inherited her sewing machine and all her fabric and tools. It’s one of those huge sewing machines from the 70’s or 80’s that is attached to a table and is super heavy (the main reason it hasn’t made it’s way to my house). She took such good care of it and even still has the user manual. I also got all of her new and gently used fabric-so now I have plenty of free fabric to experiment with.

But needless to say, until I get my sewing machine to my house, it’s hand stitching all the way. Although with this project I discovered how much I hate hand stitching. Image      IMG_0694

IMG_0696   IMG_0700

Here is the final product! I’m not too happy with the corners because I had to hand stitched them. I used plain light tan fabric and used a rubber stamp to create the pattern.

Overall I’m happy with it and I can’t wait to add it to one of our rooms.


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