As you can see from my page “Where Oh Where”, I’m giving this-yet again-another shot. I’ve always kept journals until about a year ago. You can see here where I burned them all! It was the right choice and I felt good about it and I still do. But I do miss keeping a journal. Sometimes I’ll write out a journal entry and then just throw it away. So here I am trying this again. I want to use this space to do the basic blogging, but I would also like to use this to share my photography and crafts as well as my adventures through life.

May was the last time I made an entry and it was all about a painting I made. So it’s time to catch up…

After graduating with my Bachelor’s degree in May, I’ve been working full time. And I am lucky enough to say I have a “big girl” job. I have awesome hours (7am-3pm Monday through Friday). I would love to get paid more, but what I’m making right now gets me by. I’ve invested in a brand new Chevy Sonic – that I love!


I’ve moved from my parents house to Danny’s. And I have been working on making that my home. Plus it’s so much fun to get to decorate and basically start fresh.

Annabel (named from the poem Annabel Lee by E.A.Poe) is our little boxer puppy who makes our tiny family complete. But raising a puppy is exhausting! I’ve never had a dog before-I’m totally a cat person-so it was a huge wake up call. Danny is gone during the week with the military so it’s all on me to take care of this little girl. But she’s almost five months now, so she is catching on and it’s getting a lot easier. But when he’s home he definitely has dog duty in the middle of the night since she can’t make it through the night yet.

IMG_0177   IMG_0026

Being done with school has given me a lot of free time. Although I’m now spending time taking care of a house I have time to read all the books I want to and to make all the blankets and crafts I’m interested in with no homework to interfere. I’m not in my dream job, but I feel like this could take me places. And the hours are wonderful. I feel like I spent five years in college so I could make sure I would have my evenings and weekends back.

I feel so very lucky for all of the things that are going on in my life.  I sure hope life stays this great.



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