So earlier this year I had to put my orange tabby, Arnie, down. I was hysterical about it and I honestly still miss him. But I wanted to make something that I could remember him by. I love taking pictures and I probably have hundreds of him so it made sense to put a little something together with a few of my favorites.


This is the cover of the mini scrap book I made. It’s made from chipboard (crafting cardboard) and the orange stripes were made with washi tape.


On the left is another picture of the cover. I used 1/2 inch rings to bind the book together.
The picture is kind of like my title page-with his name and a picture of him when I first got him.


It may be hard to tell, but I used a Polaroid I took and ended up sewing to the paper. You can’t see the stitches on the back because I put two pieces of paper back to back.


Throughout the book I used different scrapbooking items, like foam hearts and chip board pieces; like the green design here.

I made the pages with different card stock paper and scrapbooking paper. The biggest is 5×5 and they’re all different sizes- which makes it really fun!

ImageThis is the final page

It was definitely fun to make this and I feel like it had so much more freedom than a regular scrapbook does. I plan on making a lot more for specific occasions or themes. I have one started for my boyfriend’s and I first home together and one for my hometown and my graduation.

I got this idea to make my own from another blog. The writer also sells them and has shown some of the work she’s done on her own.

( )

^^ gotta give credit where it’s owed !!!


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