uh … oops

How can I even begin to catch up from where I left off here??? I guess I can start with the basics:

1. There are currently less than 100 days until D is home from deployment.

2. There are 22 days until I finally graduate!

3. I am currently working out my last two weeks at Walgreens before starting my new job! Which means more pay, new city and new home!

4. I’ll be moving out in about a month; I’ve already got three boxes and a bag packed. – I’m so excited! Yet still a little nervous.

5. Danny and I will also be getting a furbaby 😉 a boxer puppy, in about two months.

6. I’ve been focusing on homework a lot, like all the time and a few crafts 🙂
(I’ve even considered turning this into a crafting blog, but I don’t know how much time      I’ll have on my hands once I start back to working full time)

I feel like this year is finally turning around. The beginning of this year I had to put my sweet little kitty, Arnie, down. No matter how lame it sounds, I’m not embarrassed to say that he was my best friend and I don’t know if I’ll ever find another pet like him. I also ended up in the hospital thanks to the dreaded stomach flu! I’ve never been so sick in my life! This last semester of school has kept me very busy. And I went to the doctor and finally got my health in check. These past few days are what is really making me feel like my life is turning around. A new job and a plan for a new life and being so close to graduation and seeing Danny again is pushing me forward and has got me all kinds of excited. I’ve got amazing friends, the best man ever and some exciting changes coming my way!


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