Counting, counting, counting

Counting is all I do, all I think about.
Exactly a week from today I’ll be getting ready for Danny to be home.
I need to keep pushing myself to stay busy every single day.

It’s so nice hearing how much Danny is excited to come home. I know he’s excited to see me and I know he’s looking forward to getting some rest in his own bed and just being in the comfort of his own home. Considering he bought a house and only lived in it for a couple months before the military sent him off.

I’ve been so lucky to have the motivation to keep up and even get ahead of all my assignments for this semester. I have yet to feel the anxiety of being almost done (10th week). The only thing I’m anxious about is that I’m almost done! I can’t believe I’ve only got a few weeks this semester and one more semester after that! It’s crazy! I think I’ll finally feel like an adult once I have that degree and I’m no longer in school sitting in boring classes and doing pointless homework assignments.

Talking to Danny on the phone last night also made me realize he’ll only be deployed for six months (as long as nothing changes). And it’s really going to suck. But I know there are people out there who wait longer and go through worse things in their lives. But hearing him say out loud “six months”, made me feel better. It’s like it’s only just now hitting me. We’ve been through almost two right now and it seems to have gone by faster than I thought it would. Not to mention almost five of the months he’s deployed I’ll be in school working my ass off to graduate.

Well, here’s to another week down!


One comment

  1. You go girl! You got this!! It’s nice to see another military girlfriend staying positive! And I love countdowns, they help me visualize the time…it helps stay focused on the goal, which is getting them back home!! 🙂

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