health, health, health!!!

Well, I guess my appointment went well today.
Just explained to the doctor how I’ve been feeling and got some blood work done.
I got tested for a vitamin D deficiency, liver and thyroid stuff and even mono (although I have no other symptoms).
So now I play the waiting game.
But the doctor did say something, a word that I hate and am honestly terrified of … depression.
I made it clear to my doctor that if it turns out that a chemical imbalance is the issue and I am in fact depressed,
I refuse to be put on any medicine. I want to deal with it as naturally as I can. I just feel like being on an antidepressant and being dependent on it at 22 is crazy! I don’t want to turn to that at my age. I’m sure others do, but I can’t do it.

But working out has been going well. I feel great while I’m doing it. Working up a sweat and feeling my muscles work and get sore is wonderful!
I’m really enjoying yoga and I hope I can become more limber and flexible. I don’t know how long it takes to notice significant differences but I can’t wait!

It’s so nice to be sore the day after a work out!


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