Another day down…

I feel like I’m going crazy because I’m getting so excited to see Danny!
It’s been 18 days since he told me he was coming home to visit, and we still have 18 more to go!

Sooo we’re half way there!!! But no matter how busy I try to be I still feel like I’m just constantly trying to rush the time!
I basically have a to-do list for every single day.

I started yoga on top of my couch to 5k. And it was more difficult than I thought it would be. And I’m not as flexible as I used to be 😦
Hopefully that will change though. I hope I’m doing everything right. I’m sore so at least I know I was getting a work out.

I’m pretty much on top of things with school. I’m all caught up and I could work ahead,
but then what would I do in November?

There’s a stressful situation going on at school in the Anthropology department so that’s also weighing on my mind.
I will feel so much better once that is resolved!

It’s just difficult to stay so busy to the point that I’m distracted.
And some times it difficult to simply be happy. Lately at work the stress level has been through the roof.
It doesn’t take as much as it used to get me pissed off and ready to scream.
I keep thinking “oh maybe after some rest I’ll feel better” and things like that, but nope.
This isn’t even the deployment yet. I can’t imagine what seven months will be like.
I’m just hoping I’m stuck in a negative funk and I’ll work my way out of it soon.


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