Book Burning!!!

Just kidding! I would never burn a book. But, I did burn all of my journals! 10 years and one month worth! I can’t believe I stuck with something that long! I’m actually proud of myself that I did.

A few people were shocked that I did and almost made me question doing it. But it was my decision and I’m happy with it. I started journaling when I was 12 and am now ending it (at least in this way) when I’m 22.

This is my very first journal on the left and my very last on the right.

The box was so heavy I couldn’t even lift it long enough to take a picture standing up! I had well over 20!

My wonderful friend Karissa was all about helping me. I knew she would be supportive and not try to sit there and talk me out of it.


It was actually therapeutic! I didn’t regret what I was doing during the burning and I didn’t even feel sad about it.


We also had a wonderful time hiking and taking pictures and enjoying the crisp fall weather.


And this picture below is Karissa’s work. I’m so glad I have a friend to just spend hours taking pictures with!

It was a great night 🙂


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