Out of town & in love

In August Danny and I decided to take a little trip together before he left for the Marines. We decided to go to Washington D.C. It was wonderful and a great chance for us to get out of town and be alone together. We drove all the way there and even just spending hours in the car together was nice. Except for the truck driver throwing something at us and denting and scratching the hood of the rental car! But thank God for good insurance! Our first day there consisted of driving and resting up for the following days.

And the next day we were well on our way to site seeing! We decided to park in one spot and walk the whole city. Which ended up being 20 miles in two days! (12 the first and 8 the second) It was all fun and dandy for Mr. Marine but by the end of the day I was struggling to keep up. But I didn’t want to complain because it was so much fun and the weather cooperated wonderfully!

We hit all the main sites 🙂

oorah! 🙂

I took sooo many pictures! These are only a few of them.

It was a great trip! 🙂


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